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What makes our web hosting different?


Security and privacy are paramount to our services with no compromises. Our core service for Iron Archelon is dedicated to protecting your wordpress website as its top priority and managing the web presence of your business.

All services are 100% encrypted using a reverse proxy with SSL\TLS connections utilizing a frequent rotation of renewing SSL certificates making it very difficult for anyone to decrypt and see anyone’s web traffic. This is at no extra cost or maintenance by you.

Advanced Firewall Policies, web traffic proxies, Intrusion prevention systems, traffic telemetry help us monitor traffic and spot anomalies to prevent many of the attacks before they start.  

Isolated microcosm systems called containers are another level of protection we provide to contain websites within their ecosystem thus ensuring that in the event that a website is compromised the threat is isolated and doesn’t affect other clients. This is a big difference with how traditional hosting providers have been approaching web hosting with large servers utilizing the same Apache/Nginx and PHP to run their WordPress sites.


Full Service Web hosting and Design services included!

Iron Archelon is a company about quality and not quantity, we want to know each and every client and their story and we want to make sure we are creating something that they truly love to look at with the security knowing their site is secure and in good hands. Simply put – when our customers succeed so do we.

Our web hosting services are fully managed. Which means that we take care of our customers and their website for them from beginning to end. This allows our customers to focus on their business leaving the technical know how, trends and website updates up to us. To us this is a win-win situation. The problem we feel with traditional web hosting is that it leaves customers vulnerable in that most customers neither have the knowledge nor time to keep up with ongoing patch and security maintenance of their website. If you look at other large competitors with cheap web hosting you will find that it is up to the customer to figure it out, or you are one of thousands of customers and there really is little attention being spent on your site. Again we are interested in QUALITY and not QUANTITY. 

Another problem with traditional web hosting is that the design often gets stale and outdated from lack of upkeep of new pictures, banners, color themes and more. Even with websites that allow you to choose or modify the website from their pre-canned design options, you will find that it is limiting on what you can do and that it’s not as easy and simple as they make it out to be. 

So with the combination of both the technical and security management and our inclusive design hours in our hosting – we are sure that we have a healthy formula to keep your website top notch and evolving and continuously improving. Let us take care of your website needs while you focus on your business and your customers.




Design and Maintenance

What do you mean by secure web hosting?

What we mean by secure web hosting is that we are taking every effort to prevent bad actors and malicious activity from gaining access to any private data or exploiting your website to do something that it was not intended to do, etc. You may have heard of the term cyber warfare, and it’s a very real reality we live in these days. The internet is a complex ecosystem where bad actors use programs or bots from places all over the world to probe and search for gaps or holes in systems all the time to exploit those systems. If a person is new to the ways of the internet they may find themselves ill prepared to handle these challenges and may very easily fall victim to these exploits, most of the time, without even knowing it.

What we do here at Iron Archelon is keep your software up to date, and we put up the best defensive shell that we can muster to make it extremely difficult for anyone to gain access to your website. This defensive shell is our own custom framework. We encrypt EVERYTHING with Let’s encrypt SSL which regenerates new encryptions every couple of months to keep our encryption revolving. Some significant items to mention about our defenses are dynamic firewall policies which hook into a global defense network of known bad actors as well as behavioral firewall policies which block at multiple attempts (brute force) of entry at the system level. We also run higher level application firewalls, use multifactor authentication, and have a custom multi-level security and traffic monitoring and analytics engine to look for unusual behavior or changes. Even if something should happen to one of our customer’s sites, we isolate each of our clients essentially on their own island to ensure that the damage zone is isolated and doesn’t affect our other clients. Securing your stuff on the internet is an ongoing battle and if you want a web hosting service that is aware and truly cares about your website you’ve come to the right place.


We create look-and-feel designs, and flexible layouts that adapt to the capabilities of many devices and screen sizes.

Our preference in most cases will be WordPress based Content Management Systems to allow your site to be dynamic and expandable in the future.


If you would like a quote for a web design project, please fill out the Web Design Questionnaire.


Best Seller
    • $ 150 Monthly (Starting Price)
      • *Your Choice of your Design Maintenance Plan:
        includes Web Design 2H by default
        (See below for more details)
      • 100% Encrypted traffic with SSL
      • 100% fully managed Word Press sites (OS, OS + WP patching, security)
      • WordPress Development (for testing) and your Production website
      • Unlimited Visits
      • Unmetered bandwidth
      • Performance SSD Storage
      • Optimized PHP enhancements
      • Two Factor Authentication
      • AI Intrusion Detection algorithms
      • Hourly backups with replication
      • 24/7 website and server monitoring
      • Web Traffic Analytics
      • SEO Optimization each month
      • IA Reviewed Monthly Traffic Analysis Report and Recommendations
    • $ 500 Monthly (Starting Price)
      • All the same benefits of Iron Shell
      • Enhanced Performance and Telemetry monitoring
        Real time performance and security monitoring 
      • Premium dedicated and scalable server and cloud infrastructure
        The best infrastructure we can offer to achieve the best performance possible with scalable cloud architecture to keep up with the most demanding of loads.
      • Premium Cloudflare Content Delivery Network (CDN)
        The need for speed is the name of the game. Distributed Cache of your website globally and load balanced for heavy web traffic and usage. 

*Design Maintenance Plans
Web Design 2H (2hrs)   – $150/mth
Web Design 5H (5 hrs)  – $250/mth
Web Design 10H (10 hrs) – $500/mth
Web Design 20H (20 hrs) – $1000/mth
Web Design Overage – $75/hr


Design work is done during normal business hours Monday through Friday. The turn around time of the website design requests and updates varies, but we will respond usually no more than 2 business days.